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Agnew Leasing

Agnew Leasing is one of the top Contract Hire and Leasing Companies in Northern Ireland, with over 20 years of industry experience, managing more than 5,000 company cars and vans in the UK. We can source any make and model of vehicle, both passenger cars and light commercials. Whether you are a private individual, a small/medium size enterprise, or a global organisation, we have numerous vehicle/funding options available to you.

At Agnew Leasing, we believe in a professional automotive leasing experience for our customers, ensuring a tailored service and an expert approach to fleet management.

Our customers each have a dedicated Account Manager who assists them in selecting the most efficient and reliable vehicle at a competitive price. We take every interaction, every request, every want and need, personally. We will do everything possible to ensure that our customers' expectations are not only met but that they are surpassed.

We offer our customers exclusive access to our advanced in-house Fleet Management system - Agnew Fleet Manager (AFM). This online system allows our customers to have full visibility of their fleet operations, covering key aspects such as mileage, maintenance, fuel and vehicle tracking.

Our latest survey identified that 95% of our customers agree AFM is central to their business operations. Agnew Fleet Manager is designed and developed to be completely engaging whilst ensuring an effortless fleet management experience.

We can also offer additional services such as Whole Life Cost analysis, using state-of-the-art Deloitte software and our Salary Sacrifice Scheme, which enables employers to offer a tax efficient vehicle solution to their employees.

Agnew Leasing will continue to invest heavily into technological advancement to ensure your business has the most modern and practical automotive solutions.

About Us