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Affinity Car Scheme

What is the Affinity Car Scheme?

Agnew Leasing’s Affinity Car Scheme has been designed to enable companies and organisations across the UK to offer their employees/members a secure, online quotation system to help them find their perfect car.

Created as an added benefit for employees, the quotation system will enable users to select their make and model of vehicle and establish monthly costs that suit their budget by adjusting deposit, term, and mileage per annum on the selected vehicle.

Users benefit from additional manufacturer support, over and above normal levels, making rentals extremely competitive in the marketplace. At the end of the contract, customers hand their vehicle back, without any hassle or concerns over depreciation.

How Does It Work?

Affinity Car Scheme

Simply choose your vehicle and rental options, place an order for the vehicle, and secure finance approval by submitting a finance proposal. With a fully secure site, your details will be safe and protected. The finance documents will be sent to you electronically and we will be on hand to liaise with you regarding vehicle delivery, when the time comes. At the end of the contract, simply hand your vehicle back, without any hassle or concerns over depreciation.

Users can generate an unlimited number of quotes, to make sure you find the perfect solution to suit your needs.

Key Benefits

Reward. Retain. Recruit.

Attract the best talent and make sure your employees feel valued with exceptional employee benefits. At no cost to the business, Agnew Leasing’s Affinity Car Scheme offers companies a great way to reward employees/members, without any risk to the company.

Members will be able to take out a personal leasing agreement directly with the leasing company, via a dedicated, fully automated quotation system, meaning no hassle for the employee or financial/administrative burden on the company.

Personal Contract Hire

Benefits for the employee

  • Configure & order car online
  • Secure platform
  • Flexible deposit, term & mileage
  • Automated finance decision
  • Full maintenance (optional)
  • Road Tax (RFL) included for contract term
  • Accident management
  • Breakdown recovery
  • Enhanced support terms – exclusive special offers/discounts

Personal Contract Hire
A cost effective method for a private individual

Cost Effective

The monthly instalments for a Personal Contact Hire agreement will generally be lower than those of a personal loan.

Optional Maintenance Packages

Personal Contract Hire deals can include maintenance packages for a small monthly fee. This means that you don't have to worry about the general upkeep of the vehicle.


Fixed Payment

One payment will be deducted monthly, allowing you to budget effectively.

Low Initial Payment

Adjust the initial rental (deposit) amount to suit you.

No Depreciation Concerns

At the end of the agreement the vehicle is returned to Agnew Leasing, removing any risk associated with depreciation.

Affinity Car Scheme

Dedicated Support Team

Should you require any assistance, we will be on hand throughout the entire process. You can get in touch via the ‘Contact Us’ section of the website or call 028 9038 6600 to speak to a member of staff.

How Do I Register?

If you are interested in integrating our Affinity Car Scheme into your company’s benefits package, please register your interest below. Alternatively, if you are already a member, click below to access the Affinity Car Scheme site and start your journey to find your perfect vehicle.

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