The New Caddy Cargo

Added: 31 March 2021

The new caddy cargo is finally here! This digital, capable, and versatile van is a great choice for your business. 
Whether you're carrying cargo, taking long trips, the new Caddy Cargo will have you ready for everything.
Here’s what’s you need to know about the new Caddy Cargo.
  • 3 trims available – Commerce, Commerce Plus & Commerce Pro
  • Brake assist system
  • Call emergency system
  • Halogen headlights with range control
  • Single near-slide sliding door
  • Radio with 6.5-inch colour touch screen
  • Multi-function steering wheel
  • The caddy cargo comes with our 4MOTION system, for a smoother, more stable performance when driving.
  • Available with 7-speed DSG for seamless automatic gear changes.
  • The petrol engine is available as one variant whereas, there is a choice of three diesel power outputs.

To find more about the new caddy cargo, contact Agnew Leasing on 028 9038 600 or visit > HERE