Personal Contract Hire
A cost effective method for a private individual

Cost Effective

The monthly instalments for a Personal Contact Hire agreement will generally be lower than those of a personal loan.

Optional Maintenance Packages

Personal Contract Hire deals can include maintenance packages for a small monthly fee. This means that you don't have to worry about the general upkeep of the vehicle.


Fixed Payment

One payment will be deducted monthly, allowing you to budget effectively.

Low Initial Payment

Typically three or six upfront monthly payments.

No Depreciation Concerns

At the end of the agreement the vehicle is returned to Agnew Leasing, removing any risk associated with depreciation.

Personal Contract Hire

Personal Contract Hire is a cost effective means for a private individual to fund and maintain the vehicle of their choice. It consists of an upfront payment followed by regular monthly payments over a fixed period of time. When the contract expires, you simply return the vehicle to Agnew Leasing or take out a new lease. As a result, you never have to worry about resale values of the car. You never own it, so you can simply return it and walk away.

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