Salary Sacrifice
driving for your employees

Personal Contract Hire

An extra perk to offer your employees

Our Salary Sacrifice scheme allows businesses to offer their employees the option to relinquish part of their salary for the non-cash benefit of a brand NEW fully maintained, fully insured lease car at no extra charge to the business.

How does it work?

Gross salary and cash allowances are usually subject to both Income Tax and National Insurance Contributions (NIC). By an employee "sacrificing" part of their gross salary for a new car, this part will not be subject to Income tax or National Insurance, resulting in lower tax and National Insurance being paid overall by the employee (and lower NICs paid by the employer) each month. In addition, the employee can take advantage of manufacturer discounts offered by Agnew Leasing to provide further savings. This means significant savings to employees can be made under salary sacrifice.

For more information on Salary Sacrifice:

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Personal Contract Hire

Benefits for the employer

  • Potential cost savings and tax efficiencies to strengthen employee attraction in recruitment and retention
  • Cost neutral/cash generative to employer
  • Low-cost implementation for employers
  • Allows your employees to significantly reduce the cost of sourcing a private vehicle
  • Salary Sacrifice works best for low emission cars, therefore enhancing the employers 'green' credentials
  • Enhance employee satisfaction
  • Improves duty of care, as vehicles are fully maintained
  • Scheme is tailored to each company's needs
  • Assists when recruiting staff as a company will appear as 'employer of choice' status
  • Can help to manage health and safety issues from grey fleet and assists with employers' duty of care commitments

Personal Contract Hire

Benefits for the employee

  • Own a brand new car at an affordable cost, with the benefit of hassle-free motoring as the maintenance, servicing, breakdown cover and insurance are included in the price.
  • No deposit or credit checks required
  • Benefit from Income Tax, NIC and pension contribution savings (where applicable)
  • Flexible mileage and terms available
  • Secure, online quoting and ordering website available 24hr
  • All servicing/ maintenance/ breakdown/ tyre replacement and RFL costs are all covered
  • Fully comprehensive motor insurance for the driver and their domestic partner
  • Costs are taken from monthly gross salary providing tax and national insurance savings
  • Early termination insurance is covered in events such as redundancy